The Power of Risk-Based Authentication With HYPR Adapt


Organizations globally face unprecedented challenges in safeguarding their sensitive data, critical assets, and reputation from cyber threats. Legacy authentication methods are not sufficient to thwart sophisticated attacks and evolving risks. This is where adaptive authentication, also referred to as risk-based authentication, shines; offering businesses a proactive and dynamic approach to security. 

Benefits of Risk-Based, Adaptive Authentication

Why is risk-based authentication an essential strategy that businesses should adopt as part of a comprehensive security strategy?

Adaptive Protection

“Snapshot” authentication methods, which authenticate at a single point in time, fail to address the dynamic threat landscape. Risk-based authentication utilizes advanced risk analytics and real-time threat intelligence to dynamically adjust security measures based on contextual information and user behavior. This adaptability provides a crucial layer of protection against ever-changing threats.

Frictionless User Experience That Is Also Secure

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a critical aspect of any business. Legacy authentication methods often create friction that impacts user satisfaction. Risk-based authentication solves this by tailoring the level of authentication based on individual risk profiles. This personalized approach strikes a balance between security and convenience, fostering a positive user experience while ensuring strong protection against threats.

Stop Fraud and Unauthorized Access

Legacy authentication cannot detect suspicious logins, thereby leaving organizations vulnerable to fraud. Risk-based authentication addresses this challenge by analyzing various risk signals, such as geolocation, device information, and user behavior, to identify anomalies and potential threats. By continuously monitoring these risk factors, RBA can detect and mitigate identity based fraud in real-time.

Aligning With Regulatory Requirements

Compliance regulations and security frameworks mandate businesses to implement robust security measures to safeguard customer information and sensitive data. Risk-based authentication supports these efforts by providing a dynamic and adaptive security framework. By continuously assessing risk and responding to threats in real-time, businesses can proactively meet regulatory requirements with confidence.

Enter HYPR Adapt: Your Key to Proactive Security

HYPR Adapt empowers organizations in gaining a competitive edge in the battle against identity-related risks. This innovative solution offers a dynamic risk engine that continuously assesses real-time threats, adapts security policies accordingly, and empowers organizations to deliver a personalized authentication experience without compromising security.

One of the core strengths of HYPR Adapt lies in its adaptive security controls. By leveraging advanced risk analytics, HYPR Adapt dynamically adjusts security policies based on real-time risk assessments. Each user's workflows are tailored to their unique context, effectively mitigating risks. With the ability to proactively adapt to the dynamic threat landscape, organizations can secure their assets and data while minimizing user friction.

Organizations have already made substantial investments in their technology stack. HYPR Adapt offers a configurable integration framework, allowing organizations to exchange authentication risk information with other systems. This enhances risk assessment processes by delivering comprehensive insights based on the entire participating security ecosystem. By leveraging risk signals from multiple sources, including user behavior analytics and contextual information, organizations can make informed decisions and enhance their fraud prevention capabilities.

HYPR Adapt combats fraud effectively by conducting sophisticated analyses of real-time events, user behavior, and contextual data. By detecting and preventing fraudulent authentication attempts, HYPR Adapt reduces financial losses, bolsters customer trust, and safeguards transaction integrity. This powerful fraud prevention capability adds another layer of protection to your organization's security measures.

Core Benefits of HYPR Adapt

Enable End-to-End Visibility

Unlike standard risk engines that capture data from a single source, HYPR captures and visualizes data from mobile devices, endpoints and browsers, providing comprehensive visibility into potential threats.

Connect Your Entire Security Ecosystem

HYPR maximizes the value of existing security investments by connecting with external systems through an extensible framework, making it a flexible and future-proof solution.

Define Policies Your Way

HYPR empowers organizations to define personalized policies tailored to their specific needs, while also offering predefined policies based on industry best practices. This flexibility ensures a perfect fit for every organization's unique requirements.

Implement Comprehensive, Adaptive Authentication With HYPR

In the fast-paced world we all inhabit, a reactive approach to security is no longer sufficient. HYPR Adapt takes your organization's security to the next level by proactively detecting and mitigating identity-related risks and delivering an individualized authentication experience. A comprehensive risk-based authentication solution, it empowers your organization to thrive in today's dynamic and evolving threat landscape while minimizing user friction. To see how it works, speak to one of our authentication security experts.

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