‘True Passwordless Security’ White Paper — Download Now

We’ve published our latest white paper, “True Passwordless Security”, outlining the differences between passwordless experiences and secure passwordless architecture.


Organizations are replacing the use of centralized passwords with decentralized authentication. Rather than storing millions of passwords in a single repository, user credentials are decentralized and stored safely on their personal devices. This approach removes the hackers’ primary target and renders credential stuffing attacks infeasible.

Knowing the difference between passwordless user experiences and a secure architecture that eliminates the password is critical to stopping credential stuffing attacks, fraud from account takeover, phishing, and mass data breaches.

Coauthored by Alan Goode of Goode Intelligence, this paper defines the criteria for a passwordless architecture, identifies the security risks of retaining centralized credential storage and positions decentralized authentication as a convenient solution to delivering true passwordless security at scale. Download your copy now.

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