HYPR Launches Velocity™ Partner Program

Passwords and shared secrets remain the #1 cause of breaches despite billions of dollars invested in cybersecurity. HYPR’s passwordless ecosystem expands reach to tackle gaps in authentication.

NEW YORK, NY, 10/21/2020 –  HYPR, The Passwordless Company™ today announced the HYPR Velocity Partner Program, a channel-based network that will enable leading cybersecurity partners to deliver HYPR’s True Passwordless™ Authentication Platform directly to their enterprise and government customers. The channel-centric strategy aims to create an ecosystem focused on meeting the growing global demand to eliminate the security risks, high costs and user frustration caused by passwords.

The Velocity Partner Program launches today with a founding network of 30 industry leading experts, including solution resellers, system integrators and technology partners, enlisted to drive profitability and accelerate time to market. With HYPR’s cloud-first architecture and built-in ability to seamlessly integrate with multiple identity providers, Velocity partners can easily provide customers with True Passwordless™ Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for their workforce and customer environments.

“True Passwordless authentication has become essential, as more and more organizations realize the risk and cost associated with passwords, especially during this time with remote working,” said Larry Pfeifer, Founder of Consortium Networks. “As a partner of the new Velocity Partner Program, we are showing up to accelerate passwordless authentication while driving innovation and evolving how businesses protect their networks from the inside-out. With HYPR, businesses are finally able to solve the desktop MFA gap, eliminate customer passwords, and deliver lightning-fast login experiences their users have come to expect.”

Despite millions of dollars invested in MFA, passwords remain the number one cause of breaches. By eliminating passwords, HYPR removes the attackers’ favorite target, all while simplifying the user experience, combining the convenience of a smart phone with the strong security of a smart card. This empowers users to log in up to three times faster than MFA involving a password. To date, HYPR customers have deployed over 50 million users across their customer and workforce environments, helping to generate 300 percent growth in HYPR’s annual recurring revenue in 2019.

Partners accepted into the rapidly growing Velocity program will have the tools and resources needed to provide industry leading True Passwordless™ MFA to their customers and gain market share more rapidly with HYPR as a competitive differentiator. Velocity partners are also positioned with HYPR to help their customers eliminate passwords using a best-of-breed platform.

“The industry’s reliance on vulnerable passwords and legacy multi-factor authentication is the largest problem we face in cybersecurity today,” said George Muldoon, HYPR’s Vice President of Strategic Alliances. “The Velocity Partner Program and channel-centric go to market gives us the force multiplier to influence change in the market. Most importantly, Velocity provides our customers with a diverse global ecosystem of technology, reseller and solution provider partners who are qualified to pair HYPR’s industry-leading True Passwordless™ MFA solutions with their proficiencies and help them more rapidly evolve beyond costly passwords and legacy MFA.”

For more information about the HYPR Velocity Partner Program and information on how to become a partner, please visit https://www.hypr.com/partners/.

About HYPR
HYPR is The Passwordless Company™ backed by Comcast, Samsung, and Mastercard. The HYPR Cloud Platform makes it easy to go Passwordless across the enterprise by combining the security of a FIDO token with the convenience of a smartphone. With HYPR, businesses are finally able to solve the desktop MFA gap, eliminate customer passwords, and deliver lightning-fast login experiences their users love.


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