HYPR Cloud Platform 6.7 Release

The 6.7 release brings support for more enterprise use cases, improved user onboarding, and security enhancements. The highly anticipated Roaming User Support functionality is now available as a technology preview to enable users to securely unlock any company machine without requiring individual device pairing.

Take Workstation Unlock Anywhere

Not all office environments include assigned seating or even assigned machines. With a cluster of domain-joined computers and unique accounts, users can log into any desktop and start working. But how do you secure that login if you have to pair your mobile device with a specific workstation?

With HYPR’s support for roaming users, a single registration can be employed to authenticate into any workstation, as long as they’re on the same domain. In this flow, users can select to log in with a QR code and once scanned by the HYPR mobile app, they get access into the machine with their own account. This removes the need to register with multiple workstations and eliminates the burdensome overhead of account management in the mobile app.

What does this mean for your business?

The HYPR Cloud Platform 6.7 frees you from requiring a 1:1 relationship between workstation and device to securely unlock your machines. Instead, you can equip your users with the HYPR mobile app and a variety of domain-joined computers to enable safe, simple, and truly passwordless authentication.

Not only will your end-users benefit from the efficient authentication process, but your administrators will also appreciate the reduction of management as the registration is no longer tied to the machines but rather the users themselves.

Other Notable Enhancements

In addition to roaming user support, HYPR now enables authentication using Feitian K9 security keys to create an even more flexible solution. Feitian keys support FIDO authentication to create an additional passwordless login option.

Administrators can improve the device pairing and user onboarding process with dynamic magic links, which automatically adjust where the user is taken based on their device. For example, if the user is on a mobile device, then the link will take them into the HYPR mobile app to pair a new web account, or it will take them to the app store to download the HYPR mobile application; if they click the link on a desktop / laptop, then they will be redirected to the Device Manager page to pair the device.

To learn more about what 6.7 has to offer, read our latest release notes for Workforce Access 6.7 and Customer Authentication 6.7. Or, contact us and our team will be in touch.