Deploy HYPR for Microsoft Azure B2C

HYPR is now featured in the Azure AD B2C Integration Guide.

Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory B2C brings IAM to your customer-facing apps. Password-based MFA still poses the issue of too much user friction, and not only doesn’t meet SCA and PSD2 regulatory requirements, but also can lead to millions of dollars lost to password reset and helpdesk calls.

Utilizing Azure AD B2C with HYPR, you can now enable True Passwordless Customer Authentication, by integrating the HYPR mobile SDK into your iOS and Android apps, for a seamless, no code integration with your Azure B2C tenant. Scalable in days to tens of millions of consumer users in security-critical environments, mobile malware and MitM attacks are halted, while advanced jailbreak and root detection ensure device trust.

With the power of Azure AD B2C and HYPR, you are able to build a seamless end user experience, with best in class security, while providing the brand consistency your customers expect, from sign-up to in-app experiences. This architecture diagram shows a high level overview and the simplicity of the implementation:

HYPR Azure B2C Passwordless Authentication
HYPR Azure B2C Passwordless Authentication

Learn more about configuring HYPR with Azure Active Directory B2C with Microsoft’s Partner Integration Guide.