Enhance Remote & Roaming Work Experience for VMware & Citrix

The HYPR Cloud Platform is now certified by two top virtualization leaders, VMware and Citrix, to help organizations take a true passwordless approach to secure today’s distributed workforce and improve productivity.

The partner integrations make remote login easier and truly passwordless across Windows and Mac computers running Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The user experience is simple and flexible:

  1. The user logs into their VDI environment, such as VMware Horizon, or Citrix Storefront, by entering their username.
  2. Then, they’re redirected to authenticate to the HYPR Server via their single sign-on (SSO) provider.
  3. A push notification is sent to their HYPR mobile app, which requests their FIDO-based authentication such as face or fingerprint. Once successful, they gain access to their VDI environment. If available, they also have the option to authenticate with Windows Hello or TouchID embedded on their computer.
This login example redirects HYPR users through VMware’s True SSO.

In today’s security landscape, passwords, even when used alongside traditional MFA, still leave users vulnerable to phishing and credential reuse. It also creates a poor user experience that strains the remote work experience and lowers productivity. By freeing people from passwords and password-based MFA, people can better focus on their work rather than fumbling their way across apps and resources. 

At HYPR, we understand how important VDI is for today’s more distributed global workforces. VDI gives people access to their digital workspaces with minimal management and maintenance by the organization’s IT team. That’s why we teamed up with VMware and Citrix to further bolster the remote experience.


HYPR & VMware

True Passwordless MFA is available via the VMware Marketplace and integrates with VMware Horizon and Workspace ONE using SAML. Employees authenticate once to their Horizon portal and gain secure access to workstations and published resources. Passwords are not needed.

HYPR's Passwordless authentication


HYPR & Citrix

HYPR is also on the Citrix Ready Marketplace and integrates with Citrix StoreFront on any existing identity provider (IdP) using SAML. The passwordless MFA experience is no different across virtual apps and desktop environments. There are no complex passwords nor one-time passcodes (OTP) to type in. Users simply authenticate once with the HYPR mobile app and gain access to all of their downstream applications.


Key Takeaways

  • HYPR’s certified integration offers remote workers login flexibility across Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android and iOS tablets and mobile devices. 
  • True Passwordless MFA enables organizations to scale their MFA infrastructure along with their growing distributed workforce.
  • A truly passwordless approach across the enterprise enables organizations to better secure their workforce and increase productivity, wherever work is done.

Contact us to learn more on how you can improve the remote and roaming experience for your organization. Not using VDI for your distributed workforce? Check out our demo video on passwordless login for domain-joined computers:

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