Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) — Controlled Admin Access

With the latest HYPR Cloud Platform, version 6.18, administrators can invite more users into the Control Center to accomplish their necessary tasks without providing full access to end-user or policy settings by assigning them a role in the new RBAC settings.

In addition to admin users, the Control Center welcomes application managers, who can set up and modify how end-users access protected resources; user managers, who are responsible for end-users and the devices they use to log in with HYPR; and viewers, who can audit the settings and user information without the ability to make any changes.

To ensure the privacy of users’ data, each role (with the exception of admins) also has optional audit trail access. Without this addition, the Control Center user cannot view end-user transactions for web or workstation registrations or authentications. Admin users automatically and always have access to this information.

Role-Based Control Center Experience

With RBAC, not only can you feel confident that users are getting only the information that they should, but the user experience for them is more streamlined and easier, reducing time and confusion to complete their work.

Each time a user logs in, the Control Center reorganizes based on role’s privileges, reducing menu options and removing unnecessary settings or functions that do not apply. A user manager can access end-user settings immediately without wading through other application settings, enabling fast and efficient user onboarding and management.

Within the Control Center, administrators can add new users and assign them their role during the creation process and can easily update the user’s role in the same GUI with a couple of clicks. On the subsequent login, the user will have the updated role privileges without any extra steps.

As HYPR continues to add more features to the Control Center, the RBAC capabilities allow you to invite more users without risking user privacy or workflow disruptions.

More That’s New in 6.18

Snappier Login With Mobile App Widgets

Both Android and iOS users with the HYPR App can now add a widget to their mobile home screen that lets users access their desktops easier and faster. The widget enables users to quickly launch their HYPR App and trigger an automatic authentication request for their preferred computer. This new login flow minimizes desktop MFA down to simply two steps:

  1. Tap the computer icon via the HYPR App mobile widget
  2. Authenticate with biometric or decentralized PIN   



Streamlined Authentication Experience

The HYPR web authentication flow has been updated and streamlined to remove the step that required users to enter their HYPR username twice after initiating web login for SSO applications.

Upgrade to Version 6.18

Access the RBAC feature in the Control Center as well as other new HYPR capabilities by upgrading to the latest version of HYPR Cloud. For more information about RBAC in the HYPR Control Center, including each role’s permissions, view the documentation.

If you are not a current HYPR customer, contact one of our experts to learn how your business can benefit from True Passwordless™ MFA.

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