HYPR Featured Launch Partner for YubiKey Bio Multi-Protocol Edition (Early Access)

HYPR featured launch partner of new multi-protocol YubiKey Bio Series

Today Yubico announced the expansion of its YubiKey Bio Series to include multi-protocol keys that support biometric authentication for FIDO and Smart Card/PIV protocols. Like other YubiKey Bio Series, the new multi-protocol keys incorporate a fingerprint sensor, enabling secure, convenient biometric and PIN-based passwordless login across devices and platforms. The multi-protocol keys, however, offer additional flexibility for enterprises, especially when combined with the HYPR platform.

"Our latest innovation of the YubiKey Bio Series - Multi-protocol Edition solves additional authentication needs for both modern and legacy environments with a phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA)," said Jeff Wallace, SVP Product at Yubico. “We are pleased to partner with HYPR as our initial featured partner for this Early Access Program. They will be the first to provide their customers with enhanced Smart Card/PIV protocols combined with the convenience of a biometric touch of the YubiKey to authenticate, while also helping drive further adoption of passwordless sign-in to maximize security and productivity.”

HYPR Plus YubiKey Bio Series — Multi-protocol Edition 

Available in both USB-A and USB-C form factors, the new multi-protocol YubiKeys support modern FIDO and Smart Card/PIV protocols, providing phishing-resistant login for desktops and web applications, across both legacy on-premises and modern cloud environments.

With HYPR as the first featured partner of the YubiKey Bio Series - Multi-protocol Edition keys, enterprises will be able to get the most versatile secure, hardware-based passwordless biometric authentication on the market. Benefits of the joint solution include:

  • Acceleration of passwordless strategy and journey
  • Fast and seamless login experience from desktop to web, increasing user productivity
  • Single-step enrollment, simplifying onboarding and managing YubiKeys

“The YubiKey Bio Series – Multi-protocol Edition is another step towards fully phishing-resistant, passwordless adoption in the enterprise and HYPR is thrilled to be the initial launch partner with Yubico,” said Sean Dyon, VP of Strategic Alliances at HYPR. “Our ongoing collaboration with Yubico helps organizations accelerate their passwordless journey. This new solution weaves the very best components of our joint technologies, and we cannot be more excited to share new functionalities, added flexibility and the highest level of authentication security, for our joint customers.”


Product Highlights

  • Desktop login on Microsoft Windows using Smart Card/PIV with fingerprint
  • Web authentication with FIDO2/WebAuthn and FIDO U2F  using the same biometrics as desktop login
  • Single-step enrollment for workstation and web using the HYPR application
  • Users can centrally manage credentials through the HYPR application
  • Flexibility of authentication methods for various use cases, including account recovery and shared workstations

During the Early Access program, HYPR customers will be the first to enjoy the best customer experience.

Learn more about the HYPR and Yubikey integration.To see HYPR and the new YubiKey Bio Series - Multi-protocol Edition in action, schedule a demo.


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