HYPR Launches OmniChannel Authentication Platform

Enterprises and their users are becoming connected faster than ever across many different channels including desktop, mobile, and point of sale. Business leaders now face the challenge of maintaining a consistent user experience across employee and customer-facing applications. The HYPR OmniChannel Authentication solution empowers IT leaders to have full control over the security and usability across various business channels.

HYPR not only allows for a quicker and more accurate customer authentication, but it allows for a more personalized and engaged user experience regardless of the channel.


HYPR transforms your users’ mobile devices into a secure biometric authenticators. We combine biometric sensors to empower a fully multi-factor authentication experience.


Everyone is tired of logging in online to wait for SMS verification codes and transaction approval phone calls. HYPR’s Out of band login enables a consistent cross-platform user experience across all web applications.

Call Center & Help Desks

Save millions of dollars in customer service costs and password resets. Eliminate failed authentication attempts and remove long verification phone calls with passwordless authentication built right into your applications.

Employee Access

Employee authentication is often neglected at large corporations. HYPR allows you to provide internal users the same consistent and secure digital experience that customers enjoy, with built-in support for Biometric VPN and enterprise architectures.