HYPR Launches No-Factor Authentication

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Our April 1st platform update brings increased performance, noticeably faster speed, and groundbreaking security enhancements. 

The highly anticipated No-Factor Authentication (NFA) feature is the pinnacle of cybersecurity innovation. It removes the hassle of logging into workstations and applications by eliminating the need to log in…altogether.

That’s right — we’ve gotten rid of the login screen completely, so there is no barrier to entry.*  

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Instant Access for Anyone, Anywhere

No-factor login means you don’t need to prove who you are. By eliminating the authentication flow, your teams will enjoy an unrivaled sense of freedom when logging in. Just sit down at your computer, and begin using it. Nothing else is required — no password, token, biometric, nothing.

Arguably, this approach is more secure than a password.

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Easy Logout

Logging out has never been easier. You don’t need to log out, because you were never really logged in. Feel free to get up from the computer, walk away from it (leaving it in any state), and when returning it is simply open and available to you. 

A seamless logout experience is only possible with No-factor authentication.

How It Works: Bleeding-Edge Technology

From machine learning to Zero Trust architecture to immutable blockchain-based identity stores, NFA combines the latest buzzwords to achieve bleeding-edge innovation.

All the user needs to do is show up. HYPR’s NFA architecture handles the rest. Our R&D team has been working tirelessly on eliminating login and what you see today is the culmination of decades of hard work.

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Super Low Pricing

Looking for great ROI when sourcing a security product? How about one that requires no investment?

If you’ve come this far, then by now you’ve probably realized that this feature doesn’t exist, so you’ll never have to pay for it. Happy April Fool’s Day 2021.

* Electricity and internet connection are still required. 

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