HYPR is Hiring Full Time Engineers

Pen Lani Leuthvilay, HYPR

Clock 1 Min. Read | August 16, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re hiring for a number of positions in our engineering, design, and sales teams. If you think you have what it takes – apply now to be a part of our internal and customer-facing teams. Working at HYPR offers you the remarkable opportunity to grow as a leader in enterprise security and biometrics – two of todays hottest tech sectors.

You’ll build and deploy next-gen passwordless authentication systems with our core development team as our Fortune 500 partners deploy HYPR across millions of users. The opportunity to contribute alongside top talent whose mantra is winning rounds out the singular experience of working for HYPR. As a starting point we offer our team a competitive salary, equity share, and benefits.

This is no conventional technology company or startup job. Propel yourself to the top of the tech arena’s global talent pool with the experience that only HYPR offers. Working with us and in New York is also tremendous fun. Apply now.

Lani Leuthvilay


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