HYPR and ForgeRock Announce Partnership to Secure 1B+ Passwordless Identities

HYPR has teamed up with ForgeRock to eliminate shared secrets across the enterprise, with the goal of delivering passwordless security to more than 1 billion identities powered by Forgerock. This technology and go-to-market partnership with a leader in digital identity answers the security needs of True passwordless authentication, while delivering the fastest possible end-user experience. With a combined HYPR-ForgeRock solution, enterprises can rapidly adopt True Passwordless Security® and abandon the risks and costs of passwords and other shared secrets.

“Our customers that prioritize user experience, whether for their workforce or their customers understand that traditional authentication modalities are broken,” said Ben Goodman, Senior Vice President, Global Business and Corporate Development at ForgeRock. “Together with HYPR, ForgeRock’s Intelligent Authentication technology can ensure that the end-user gets the best possible authentication method at any time, in any channel.”

To learn more about the joint HYPR-ForgeRock solution, read the full announcement.