HYPR Featured in Analyst White Paper on Payment Security

Our biometric tokenization solution was recently featured in a Goode Intelligence white paper titled “Biometrics – The Must-Have Tool for Payment Security.”

On Page 9 of the report you’ll find analyst-author Alan Goode’s informed snapshot of biometric tokenization. Alan presents our view of how HYPR answers the longstanding question of biometric authenticators alone falling short, and how linking tokenization with identities solves the risk of remote exploits.

Goode’s overview of the our product suite also includes our Four Laws of Biometric Tokenization:

  • No 3rd party should be allowed to centralize storage of biometric credentials.
  • Biometric data should remain isolated from the Operating System on a user’s device.
  • End users should have full control in choosing what biometric authenticators they will utilize.
  • Relying parties should be able to choose between BYOD or specialized tokens for authentication.

These guidelines prohibit centralization of biometrics, sequester credentials from a device’s primary OS, give end users choice over authenticators, and offer enterprises a choice between BYOD and tamper-proof token arrangements. We’re pleased to be recognized for innovating in the field of end to end biometric security while adhering to these tenets. Risk reduction for enterprises and user privacy should coexist with any modern security solution. With HYPR, they do.