CES Roundup: HYPR-3 Featured in CNET

We’re back in New York from a week in Las Vegas for the International CES Expo. One of the high points of our long days exhibiting inside the show’s first-ever Personal Privacy marketplace is HYPR-3 being featured in CNET.  The respected tech publication ran such a positive story with flattering commentary and striking images that we can’t help but share the article with you.

The attention and scrutiny of CNET would not have arrived this soon for HyprKey if we did not exhibit at CES just 2 months into the public life of our company. We’re out of stealth for only 2 months, and we’re seeing a strong welcoming from the privacy sector for the HYPR-3 biometric tokenization protocol. It is most definitely an honor to be cited by a publication that the founding members of our company have been reading since they were kids. We welcome CNET’s consideration as well as our fans in the next months and years ahead.

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