Biometrics Expected to Secure Payment Transactions Totaling over $5.6 trillion by 2020

The HYPR platform has been included in a research report by Goode Intelligence, an analyst and consultancy company specializing in mobile security, authentication, identity and biometrics.

The report – Biometrics for Payments – Payment Security Gets Personal; Market & Technology Analysis, Adoption Strategies & Forecasts 2015-2020 – explores the adoption of biometrics for payments. HYPR is featured among the companies offering a biometric alternative to insecure password based authentication specifically to enable payments. Coverage of HYPR-Secure biometric payment applications aligns with the fact that a large amount of inbound requests to implement HYPR biometric tokenization comes from the financial services sector.

Goode Intelligence and its top analyst-author Alan Goode are held in high regard in biometric security circles and we are pleased to be featured alongside other biometrics providers, especially when he makes an exciting prediction for innovators in this space: Alan notes that adoption of biometrics in the payment landscape will, by 2020, contribute $5.6 billion in revenue from $5.6 trillion worth of payments for vendors.