The Purpose of True Passwordless MFA

Authentication is high on the list of least exciting words in the dictionary, perhaps with good reason. At five whole syllables long, it doesn’t draw you in the way Identity does; it’s not confirmatory and sleek the way Access is; and it lacks the bravado of acronyms such as SSO, Single Sign-on, which inspires with its bold use of ‘single.’

And yet Authentication should inspire. Whether it’s working remotely from Bali, accessing our own medical records, planning our next vacation, or buying holiday gifts, authentication is the key. It is the single point of entry to our digital world and an increasing part of our daily lives.

Authentication Has Become More Difficult

Logging in used to feel easy. We all grew up on the same handful of accounts, with the same basic passwords. Our first dog, the month we were born in, that car we always wanted, our parents’ names stitched together. And it seemed to be good enough for a time, despite the occasional account takeover. Since then, we have all been victims of security in an ever progressing technology arms race against hackers. It started with special characters and longer passwords. It continued with resets every 90 days. It further progressed with all sorts of knowledge-based questions, CAPTCHAs and ‘orchestration/fraud engines’ intended to prevent mass attacks. Importantly, multi-factor authentication methods in the form of SMS Codes, OTP seeds and security keys entered the fray. Yet for all this innovation built on top of the password, adoption of these technologies remains limited because many of us struggle with these security features. Companies don’t seek to burden their end users. They also aren’t comfortable taking on the costs of these tools, the complexity to deploy them, and the burden of managing another helpdesk.


Authentication Reimagined

At HYPR, we wake up every day thinking about the importance of strong and simple authentication. From our founding mission and culture, to our ongoing drive to reimagine authentication with True Passwordless MFA, HYPR continues to trailblaze the future of Authentication.

But none of these phrases speak to what HYPR does. How do we, and our many friends and rivals in the industry, empower you, your business and your customers? We have always admired Nike and Apple, visionary companies with visionary statements. Nike doesn’t just make a shoe or really versatile synthetic rubber. Nike gives you the power to Just Do it. To reach impossible heights, new challenges, and your own personal success. Similarly, Apple’s famed Think Different motto underscored that the company wasn’t simply about making faster or better microprocessors and boxes. Apple as a company and brand stands for creative, inspirational and impactful people.

That's what we believe has been missing from the conversation about authentication. Until now.

So You Can...

We believe that authentication should empower and inspire you. 

So you can...

...reclaim your time from anywhere your next flight faster who’s logging in

...forget about passwords

HYPR’s focus on True Passwordless MFA is a paradigm shift from existing solutions, which focus largely on adding more layers of friction on top of shared secrets. With HYPR, you can finally effortlessly and securely interact with the digital world.

We hope this is a rallying call for others in our industry.

The next time you feel like booking a flight should not be fraught with doubt because you forgot your Skymiles password. The next time you want to work remotely should not be tainted with fear that your enterprise won’t let you log in. The next time you authenticate should feel effortless so you can focus your time on the things you want to do and care about.

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