Apple, Fido2 And Webauthn – How To Get Started

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At WWDC, Apple announced upcoming native support for Web Authentication in iOS and MacOS, which will allow for passwordless authentication to web applications with Touch ID and Face ID. Apple joined the FIDO Alliance earlier this year to support passwordless authentication, and has moved fast to add support for the FIDO2 protocols to their software and hardware ecosystem. Apple’s announcement adds significant momentum to the passwordless future; alongside the existing FIDO2 support enabled by Google Android and Windows Hello, we can imagine that a majority of devices will soon be able to support passwordless authentication.

At HYPR, we support easy-to-setup workflows for registering and authenticating with FIDO2-compatible authenticators. We’ve created a sample project to demonstrate how to easily set up passwordless authentication in your web applications using HYPR.

In order to run the demo application, you will need a HYPR access token, which you can acquire here. While Web Authentication support is in beta in Safari, we recommend using Google Chrome to test out the demo app.

The demo application uses HYPR’s JavaScript SDK to simplify passwordless authentication in the browser. The application server receives authentication data generated by the user’s device, and relays it to HYPR’s server via our REST API. HYPR handles all of the complexity of validating passwordless authentication, reducing the development and maintenance burden to any organization looking to remove passwords from their systems. Check out our SDK documentation for more details.

With Apple’s announcement, it is clear that a broad consensus exists on the importance of eliminating passwords, and the correct path to get there. The next few years will be an exciting time as organizations of all sizes increasingly move forward with passwordless strategies. Contact our sales department to see how HYPR can be a partner for your organization.

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