A Closer Look at HYPR’s New Identity Assurance Solution


Earlier this month, HYPR announced our unified Identity Assurance solution, developed to secure the entire modern identity lifecycle. HYPR Identity Assurance brings together the strongest passwordless authentication, comprehensive risk assessment and enhanced identity verification to continuously detect, prevent, and eliminate identity-related risks. That’s a lot of words to describe a simple concept — organizations can now ensure that an individual is who they claim to be at all times.

Identity Assurance In the Spotlight

What does this mean in practice? We had the opportunity to demonstrate at this week’s FIDO Authenticate conference. As one of the pioneers of FIDO authentication and a long time Alliance board member, the annual Authenticate conference was a natural venue to publicly show the power of Identity Assurance.

Modern Passkey-Based Authentication

Given the setting, most folks there were well-acquainted with our leading FIDO passwordless multi-factor authentication solution HYPR Authenticate, the backbone of our Identity Assurance platform. Industry experts, security pundits and regulatory agencies all agree that phishing-resistant authentication is no longer optional and must underlie any comprehensive identity security strategy. HYPR Authenticate provides regulatory compliant, device-bound passkeys and also works with synced passkeys.


The HYPR Identity Assurance Platform

Real-time Risk Assessment and Adaptive Authentication

Newer on the block, HYPR Adapt analyzes risk signals and telemetry from numerous sources, including user behavior, mobile, endpoint and browser signals, as well as changes in the overall threat landscape, and automatically takes action to prevent a breach. This includes enforcing step-up authentication or re-verification, as well as sharing risk data with SIEM, SOAR and other enterprise systems for additional protective actions.

The Big Reveal: Enhanced Identity Verification

The undoubted star of the show, however, was our revolutionary new identity verification system, HYPR Affirm. Purpose-built to meet the unique needs of workforce employee identity verification, HYPR Affirm addresses the major identity security issues, such as help desk fraud, that have dominated recent cybersecurity headlines. HYPR Affirm leverages AI-powered chat, video, face recognition, liveness detection and other cutting-edge technologies to create a seamless and secure method of confirming employee identities without ever using a password. It goes beyond traditional point-in-time verification by utilizing AI-driven analysis to proactively and automatically prompt reverification at critical moments defined by high-impact events or times of elevated risk from new threat vectors or detection of suspicious behavior.

More Than the Sum of Its Parts

While each HYPR solution provides critical capabilities to build a robust identity security strategy, the real magic lies in how they work together. The integrated Identity Assurance platform closes persistent identity security gaps and automates previously manual processes. It does away with disconnected, point-in-time approaches and provides dynamic and continuous identity and authentication security. It’s the industry’s only offering where risky behavior can trigger step-up authentication not only to authentication but also to enforcing automatic identity reverification.

Why Identity Assurance, Why Now?

In this era of everywhere, always-on connectivity and generative-AI attacks, identity trust is an imperative. Yet organizations often rely on a patchwork of siloed identity systems, outdated authentication methods, manual and disjointed identity verification techniques and incomplete, reactive identity risk response.

The fallout from these fragmented and insecure practices is all too evident. Deepfake imposters are driving a new style of fraud and identity-based cyber attacks are paralyzing businesses for weeks if not longer. Recent HYPR research shows that authentication-attributed breaches alone cost organizations an average of $2.95M per year. The issue goes beyond breaches however, affecting employee and customer satisfaction, productivity and a business’s ability to scale and evolve. 

HYPR Identity Assurance takes a proactive approach that addresses all stages of the user journey or identity lifecycle, starting at day zero. It unites disparate identity and security systems, integrating with and scaling across them. With HYPR, organizations ensure identities can be trusted at all times, while eliminating friction points and improving user experience.


HYPR Identity Assurance delivers the lowest friction user experience with strongest authentication, automated identity verification and behavior-based risk assessment

A New Look to Match Our Expanded Purpose

Those of you that pay attention to such things may have noticed that HYPR unveiled a new logo along with our Identity Assurance solution. HYPR has moved from “The Passwordless Company” to “The Identity Assurance Company” and we wanted our brand to reflect this strategic shift. We feel our new bold yet approachable logo embodies strength, trust and confidence with a modern sensibility. As such, it aptly represents our comprehensive, unified and dynamic approach to identity security.  

Here’s a few thoughts I recorded earlier on our expanded Identity Assurance mission:


The best way to learn about HYPR Identity Assurance is to see it in action. Contact us to arrange a demo, tailored to your identity security interests and needs.

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